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Tesla | Invest In A Better Future

Two months spent delving into Tesla and how the world should see it. Our campaign focused on the Model 3 and telling its story. As Chief Copy Editor, there wasn't a sentence, paragraph, nor hyphen I didn't edit. 

Ad Dash
Ad Dash | Ad Dash <3's Bumble​

Our team won Ad Dash 2020, creating the most compelling brand marketing campaign in five hours for our client. It was such a fun day spent holed up in a room with two other creative and intelligent strangers. 10/10 recommend. 

League of Rebels
League of Rebels | Bluebonnet Media

Over a full semester, our team created a comprehensive RFP for local Austin company, League of Rebels. We went through every step of the media planning process from SWOT analysis to which billboards we'd buy. To see the entire deck, shoot me an email!

The Home Depot
The Home Depot | Eco Options Branding​

With a one-week turnaround, our team developed a brand campaign strategy based on a niche target audience. Submitted as a case brief on target analysis.

To see more or discuss possible projects, just reach out!
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